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R.K export & import is a diversified professional services provider holding the most recognized banner in the world of export & import businesses. We understand that sending your possessions overseas can be stressful, and we are here to relieve that stress. Our goal is to ensure that your international export & import  process go as smoothly as possible.

Besides, the group also serves as an independent business and provides with services in air & sea cargo forwarding(export & import), L/C Receiving, PSI Arrangement, Financing , Direct Purchase Operation, Weekly (L.C.L) consolidation services &  also provide the customer  to ship  the goods directly from the Factory with providing Custom Clearance , Logistic supports  &  Documentation,  warehouse facility, Evaluation of reputed suppliers, trading services,  Selection of appropriate suppliers, Negotiating costs and arranging terms, Quality control of product manufacturing, Production control (samples, capacities), Dealing with customs, insurance, tariffs, and Industrial Adviser & with legal advisor arrangement as per the customer’s requirement. Shipping humanitarian relief goods around the globe continues to be the main focus of the company’s activities to these days. Also Company operates branch office in China, Dubai, Thailand, Qatar and Malaysia. We are driven to exceed customer expectations and have an unswerving focus on constantly achieving our 100% performance target.



…..  also focus -----

  • Buying from traders and not able to reach to the manufacturer
  • Not able to find a reliable vendor to meet your demands
  • looking for better priced & personalized products
  • Not satisfied with your existing vendor
  • Want to take advantage of low cost of inputs in India (& other Asian countries)
  • You are buying in small quantities from various vendors………. can consolidate your cargo to save in shipping

Mission & Vision

R.K export & import mission is to provide efficient, reliable, innovative and high quality maritime services for the Sea & Air freight service, following a continuous process of identification of its customers’ needs and expectations. The Group is committed to the pursuit of excellence, social responsibilities and transport solutions which promote an environmentally sustainable mobility.

We recognize company and personal growth as a strategic goal of the organization, both organic and through joint ventures and alliances. To achieve this, we will strive to be an effective, progressive organization providing world class services for maximum customer value and satisfaction.

We are taking continuous efforts via following values to achieve our long term goal.

Staff is most important assets of R.K export & import Excellent customer service comes from happy and diligent people. We focus on people care and career development.  

Customer satisfaction is what we always pursue by understanding customers needs, providing sustainable excellent service and cherish partnership with clients.


Cost-Effective: Provide one-stop-shop cost effective logistics solution via efficient operation platform and innovative service model.

Proactive: Encourage team to act proactively to seek for further growth with the mindset “nothing is too small”.

Our organization

R.K export & import

Ø  Extensive carrier confidential contracts and close overseas partnerships enable us to move cargo from any sea ports of China to any Sea ports worldwide. By providing personalized customer service and developing strong intercompany relationships we complement our customer’s success by offering reliable worry-free transportation services.

Ø  Our people are of our greatest asset and always strive to provide an exceptional client experience. Contact us by phone, email and can speak directly to our highly experienced staff, not to a computer. This may not be the industry norm but it is a world class international standard.

Ø  Selecting this icon provides full details of R.K export & import operations including the physical address, main phone and fax numbers, a complete listing of staffs and their respective titles, individual phone numbers and email addresses, and our generic customer service email addresses. Using the generic customer service email addresses insures that your message will be seen by multiple staff in each office.


What Makes R.K export & import A Valued Partner -

v  Providing experienced and professional services of international growing export & import businesses, shipping and trading for last two decades

v  Direct link between manufacturers, logistics providers and our customers for long time

v  Flexible and creative product supply; customized packaging and product sourcing

v  Flexible and adaptable web - based solutions

v  Keeping a variety of inventories

v  Product quality assured and guaranteed

v  Supply chain management and  Trading, shipping consolidation

v  Working closely with customers to improve their performance and reduce costs

v  Domestic and international solutions

Unbeatable execution