Head Office

What We Offer :

Ø  Public warehousing for the flexibility you need

Ø  Contract and dedicated facilities to implement change and reduce costs

Ø  Integrated logistics services to improve buyer service and increase turns

Ø  Customized solutions with no capital investment

Ø  State-of-the-art technology, systems integration, and performance monitoring to enable real continuous improvement processes

Ø  And we offer these value-added services:


              Full-service packaging (filling, labeling, shrink-wrap, blister pack) Subassembly, product inspection Bar Coding ,Pick and Pack ,Cross docking ,Returns Management ,Nationwide network of warehouse facilities ,Internet data exchange and EDI ,Light assembly ,Rail service (where available) ,New construction and project management.

                   To discuss your company's warehousing and other supply chain management needs, feel free to  contract us – PSI Arrangement, Insurance Arrangement , Logistics Consulting , Documentation for Export & Import , Customs Clearance for Export & Import, GLFSP has recognized the importance of offering in-house Customs Clearance for all its clients, therefore recently established its own brokerage office and departments covering all in CHINA  Ports. Our in-house experienced customs staff will provide an efficient and timely service. GLFSP will educate clients on how to make carefully commercial invoices and packing list to ensure not to pay additional duties and taxes. Our aim is to arrange efficient and prompt customs clearance upon receivable of Import documentation. We will obtain your containers from the wharf on the first day of availability, which ensures our clients can meet their deadlines and contractual obligations.

              Our customs departments will be happy to give you pre-advise and deliver your goods to your doorstep "as we aim to please you"., As FPS has offices worldwide, we can obtain commercial documentation on our client’s behalf from your suppliers. This allows us to ensure the paperwork is correct and all customs regulations are meet. The RK Team:-

          Group members are keenly aware of the importance of their employees training and development is continually working to enhance the human resource skills of our staff. All of it is geared to develop the FPS team as self-confident, decisive and hard-working professionals who see obstacles as a challenge. You can be confident that when you talk to a member of the Famous team you will, at all times, get the highest level of customer service.